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Next Boot Sale: Sunday 11th June

Sunday 14th May

Sat 5pm. Just checked the field. All dry and solid. Good for the boot sale in the morning.

It will rain overnight, but will be dry by 4am.

We will be there waiting for you!

We checked the field earlier in the week and it was as hard as a rock! The rain Thursday night and (maybe) Friday night will have little impact. We will be checking again on Saturday at 5pm as usual, and will update the web site. 

See you all on Sunday.

Sunday 9th April

Pent-up demand resulted in over 160 sellers and more than 500 buyers. Lovely Spring weather and we hope everyone had a great morning.  Thank to everyone who came to support us.

The weather forecast for the weekend is looking great and we're hoping for a big turnout to make up for losing the March sale.  We'll be raffling one of our giant Easter Eggs so come along to our gazebo and buy a ticket.

Sunday 12th March 2017 - CANCELLED!

Friday 10th.  The field isn't dry enough for vehicle traffic and we have to cancel this weekend's car boot sale.  If it's any consolation, the weather forecast isn't great so maybe it's not such an upset..  Let's hope for better conditions for the next sale on April 9th.

Monday 6th. We had a look at the field this afternoon and, although it's OK for pedestrians, it's too soft at the moment for car boot traffic.  We'll check again on Friday and put an update on here and on Facebook.  We're anxious not to damage the surface, not only because it would rightly upset the other users but we would have to pay to restore it, which would not be the best use of the funds that we work so hard to raise!

Sunday 9th October (the last one this year!)

A very good sale.  Weather was fantastic for October and we had 136 sellers and 570 buyers.  Thanks to everyone who came and made it a great day and helped make a very significant contribution to our Charity Account.  We never lose sight of the fact that we do all this to be able to help those less fortunate than ourselves!

Saturday 5.00pm.  We're on for tomorrow.  Field is in good shape and weather forecast is for a fine, dry day.  Sunrise is at 7.21 am so we'll set up the field as soon as we have enough light to see what we're doing.  Early arrivals will have to queue so better to sit at home than in your car!

Update Friday 7th.  Forecast for Sunday is looking OK.  We'll update the website tomorrow at about 5.00pm but at the moment we look good to go.

Important notice:

At the September Car Boot a gentleman bought a shower screen from one of the sellers but forgot to take it away with him.  If you were the lucky seller can you 'phone or email us and we'll put you in touch with the buyer. 

Sunday 11th September

Sunday 7.30 pm.  A great day.  Brilliant sunshine brought out 140 sellers and 500 buyers and hopefully everyone enjoyed themselves. Just one more to go before our winter break so don't miss it.

Saturday 10th. 5pm.  Just inspected the field and it's good and firm despite today's rain so we're good to go for tomorrow.  Grass is wet so mind your speed and there are lots of rabbit holes so watch where you are putting your feet!

Note for our regulars: We will be collecting your fee at the entrance to the field rather than coming round later.  Please try to have the right money ready.

Sunday 14th August

Mon 15th. What a great day! Over 200 sellers and 650 buyers cars, plus lots of walk-ins. It took a long time to get everyone off the field, but everyone was patient and well behaved. Only 1 car with a flat battery.

Sat 13th. 1pm. Just inspected the field, all good for tomorrow.

Several people have called to ask if we have cancelled due to the Carnival also being on Sunday. The Boot Sale is still going ahead. The Carnival procession leaves from the car park at the back of the Civic Offices at 2pm. The boot sale will be over by then.

Fri 12th. Weather forecast good - dry, warm and sunny. Field in good condition - dry and hard. This could be our biggest sale of the year - come along and grab yourself a bargain! Inspection at 5pm Saturday as usual.

Proceeds for this sale will go towards the running costs of the Somerford Youth Centre, just taken over by a new charity, the Christchurch Open Awards Centre. The Centre will be run as a resource for the whole community. Your generosity will be much appreciated.

Boot Sale Sun 3rd July (not the 10th)

Sun 3rd. Slightly damp start - a brief shower at 6:45am, but dry and eventuality sunny after that. Only 65 sellers, i guess due to the weather and the fact that we moved it from our normal Sunday, but lots of buyers. see you all again on August 14th.

Sat 2nd. 5pm. Field looks OK, no puddles despite this afternoon's rain. Forecast still dry. See you in the morning.

Sat 2nd 2pm. Forecast dry for the morning. See MetOffice.  We will look at the field at 5pm, but it looks like we have a boot sale in the morning.

Fri 1st July.

Weather deteriating by the hour. We will take a decision on cancelling Saturday morning, to allow everyone time to respond appropriately. Please watch this space.

Fri 1st July. 9am. Weather improving - but still not perfect! Lots of people calling up about the date change. We will be there on Sunday!

Boot Sale June 12th

Sun 12th. Rained off. A dozen of us stood around in the rain for an hour, but it just got worse. Only 2 sellers and one buyer turned up by the time we abandoned it. Perhaps we should have put them together. Very sorry folks.

Sat midnight. Sorry taken suddenly inappropriate at a social event. Weather forecast bad, but as usual unreliable. We will be there at 6:30 to set up, but if if is pouring with rain we will understand if you are not. If you do turn up please whisper at me! 

Thurs 2nd. Weather forecast is good. See Metcheck. Let us hope the weather holds up. Don't forget the July date is 1st Sunday, not the second.

Boot Sale 8th May

Tue 10th. Excellent sale. 153 sellers, and approx 600 buyers cars. Also lots of walk-ins and people on their way to the Food Festival. Warm, sunny, gentle breeze, and lots of midges at the top of

the field. Bring midge repellent next month! Thank you to all our helpers, we could not put on these events without you.

Sat 7th 5:45pm. Running a bit late, sorry everyone. Field dry and hard. Weather forecast good 17-19 degrees, no rain, 10-16mph breezes (Metcheck). Everything is good to go for tomorrow. See you all at 7:30am, 8:00am for buyers.

Mon 2nd. Weather forecast for the week looks good - 18 degrees and gentle winds for next Sunday! I did promise this at the last sale to all those who were cold. Watch this space.

NOTE: Mudeford Sea Scouts will be holding a tabletop sale in the compound and inside their hall on the Sunday. All money raised at their sale will be used to provide activities and equipment for Beavers, Cubs and Scouts. I understand that they have lots for sale, including a couple of kayaks. Please support them generously.

NOTE 2: The date for the July car boot sale has had to be changed. It will now be on the 1st Sunday, 3rd July, not the 10th as originally planned. Please make sure that you update your diary. Ask for a new date slip.

Note 3: Don't forget the first Christchurch Supercar Show on Sunday May 15th in the High Street, 12 noon until 4:00pm. Lots of Ferrari, McClaren, Maserati, Shelby, Lamborghini, Porsche cars to drool over. See the web site here. And the Lions will be among the marshals making sure that you don't touch. See you there!

Boot Sale 10th April

Tue 12th. Good car boot sale, but a cold wind! 94 sellers, 550 buyers cars, plus lots of walk-ins. Everyone very well behaved - nothing for the boot tales again (very disappointing). 

A lady has asked us to post the following notice:

If you bought a box of pewter/silvery coffee & tea pots, toast rack, etc there was also a stand with four circular rings which I now know to be part of a cruet set holder belonging to my late grandparents. This was put into the box by mistake.

I still have the cruet set and the base for the holder and would be grateful to be able to buy back the stand please.

Only sentimental value to me, and I know it's a long shot, but if you have news please telephone 01425 270226 or 0781 558 4143, Thank you very much.

Sat 9th 5:30pm. Despite a shower of rain earlier, the field looks good to go. I'll never believe another weather forecast! As usual at this time of year we will need to be gentle with the ground so as not damage it, but we will be watching you.

See you in the morning at 7:30am for sellers, 8:00am for buyers.

Sat 9th 9am. Weather forecast is good. Inspection of field at 5pm.

Mon 4th. Get ready for the second Lions car boot sale of 2016! The weather forecast is reasonable. We will be watching carefully through the week. No booking needed, just turn up. Don't forget we inspect the field at 5pm on Saturday and update the status here. If we have to cancelled it will be here.

All being well we look forward to seeing you on Sunday 10th. Sellers at 7:30am, buyers from 8:00am.

Car Boot Sale March 13th

Sun 13th. A very good start to the year. 92 sellers and lots of buyers. Very cold to start with but warmed up later. Some ruts in the field on the way out, but not severe. Thanks to all our helpers, in particular Jae Harris and his CAYP team.

FOUND.  A front door key, newly cut, with a Timpson tag attached.

Sat 12th 5pm. Field looking good, but we will have to be careful not to cause ruts as it has been so wet! Dry on top and weather forecast is dry and 10 degrees. First one of the year! See everyone at 7:30 in the morning. We will be looking out for the first Boot Tailer of the year.

Remember pitch fees are 6 for a car, 10 for a van/trailer this year.

Fri 11th, 4pm. Just been down to have a look at the field. One or two puddles near the gate (as usual) but generally drying out nicely. We will need to check thoroughly tomorrow to make sure that the cars are not going to leave big ruts in the ground, but looks very promising. Weather forecast is dry. Watch this space for the Saturday afternoon update!

Mon 7th. We will be inspecting the field on Friday and again on Saturday if necessary, to make sure that it's dry enough for car boot traffic.  Keep an eye on this website or our Facebook page for updates.

2016 Car Boot


The dates for 2016 have been requested from the Council, and they have provisionally been agreed.  We are waiting for the paperwork to come through. The dates for 2016 are:

March 13th

April 10th

May 8th

June 12th

July 3rd 


August 14th

September 11th

October 9th

IMPORTANT NOTICE! The Council have introduced charges for the use of Stanpit for 2016. As a result the Lions will have to raise car boot pitch fees. The new fees for 2016 will be 6 for a car, 10 for a van/car + trailer, starting with the March 2016 car boot sale. This increase is the first raise for over 5 years, and we hope that it does not deter all our loyal customers. Remember all proceeds go to local charities.

Watch this space for more information!